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     Conflict Detection and Resolution for 4D Trajectory Management with Efficient Computation


主持人:潘泉教授 李天成教授



报告简介:The forecast for increase of air space usage in the next years demands the update of current Air Traffic Management (ATM) methods for safe and efficient operations. Implementation of Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) is proposed by the aviation community as an advancement in this direction, but there is still the need of an efficient scheme to present the trajectories, manage their associated data and further to detect and resolve the conflicts that should eventually occur. In this research we develop a conflict detection and resolution (CD&R) framework for the management of predicted 4-Dimensional Trajectory (4DT). Using the special scheme of a Not Only SQL (NoSQL) database, the 4D trajectories of related routes are presented and the possible conflicts are detected with the computation complexity in the order of O(nlog(n)). And then a local search algorithm is developed for trajectory adjustments and conflict resolution with better achievement of computation due to the significantly reduced conflict date set. Using the Brazilian flight plan database, the results from our case study show the effectiveness of the proposed methods for CD&R.