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Speaker: Prof. A. Koichi Hayashi


Host:Asst. Prof. Zhaoxin Ren


Time:9:30am-11:30am, Sep.7, 2018


Place: Conference room 225, School of Power and Energy


Topic: AMR method for numerical analysis and Nano Aluminum/O2 detonation




Numerical analysis for science and engineering problem is applied for a larger and larger scale. But such numerical calculation hits a problem of time and cost. To this end adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) technique has been developed since late 1990. In the early years AMR is used for space and atmospheric problems, but the recent accurate computation demands AMR method for small size analysis such as automobile engines. The present talk will provide the essence of AMR and its application to a combustive jet flow problem. Soli-gas two-phase flow is, in quite different from liquid-gas two-phase flow. As an example of solid-phase detonation problem, Aluminum/O2 detonation problem will be presented. Especially when we deals with nano-size particles, we must consider such nano-size problem. The talk will include to explain such problem to show the feature of nano-size aluminum detonation.


林光一,日本青山学院大学机械工程系教授。加州大学伯克利分校硕士,科罗拉多大学博尔得分校博士。林光一教授是爆震研究的国际领导者,最新的工作包括圆管和矩形管中爆震结构的三维详细数值计算,以及三维旋转爆震。现任国际激波会议咨询委员会委员,日本爆炸学会理事,《Proceedings of Combustion Institute》编委等。曾任日本爆震协会主席,《Shock Waves》编委等。曾获国际爆炸动力学和反应系统最高荣誉A. K. Oppenheim奖,波兰科学院Wactaw Cybulski奖章等。

Speaker’s Biography

A. Koichi Hayashiisthe professor in Aoyama Gakuin University. He obtained his M.Sc. in UC Berkeley and Ph.D. in University of Colorado, Boulder.Hehas been an international leader of detonation study. The most recent work includes three-dimensional detailed numerical calculation of detonation structures intubesandspinning detonations. He is the international advisory committee member of Int. Symp. on Shock Waves, board member of Japan Explosion Society, editorial board member ofProceedings of Combustion Institute, et al. He was the president of Detonation Society in Japan, editorial board member ofShock Waves, et al. He was awarded the A.K. Oppenheim Award from IDERS, Wactaw Cybulski Medal from Poland Academy of Science, et al.