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报告题目:Virtual surgery for aortic aneurysms

报告人:里昂国立应用科学学院Benyebka Bou-Said教授


讲座时间:7月19日 下午1 5:00-16:00



The Abdominal and Thoracic Aorta Aneurysm (AAA and TAA) are cardiovascular disease that affects 6-7% of the Western population and their incidence increases with age. At least 90% of AAA and TAA come from atherosclerosis because of high cholesterol, inflammation, infection or tobacco... Most of these aneurysms are located near the bifurcation. The rupture of the aneurysm is a dangerous and fatal accident favored by arterial hypertension.

For over 50 years, open surgery was the only treatment of AAA. This is a major procedure with many risks of cardiac complications (myocardial infarction...), respiratory, bleeding, renal, infectious and colic (risk of ischemic colitis). However since 1991, a new mini-invasive surgical procedure has been introduced. This is an endovascular procedure that is to drag a stent through a release device of the femoral artery to the level of the aneurysm.

For this purpose, we have developed a numerical simulation tool to assist surgery. It contributes to the improvement of therapeutic endovascular procedures in terms of accuracy and optimizes the intervention strategy.

This tool takes into account: 1) the actual geometry bio-faithful reconstructed from preoperative clinical images on a specific group of patients with high tortuosity and calcification, 2) a local characterization of mechanical properties of the endovascular system, 3) a mapping of mechanical properties of soft tissues based on their degree of calcification (safe, calcified, thrombus), 4) hemodynamic with specific blood rheology, 5) FSI , 6) a projection of the real environment of the artery on the simulated model for each patient, 7) a pre-constraints, 8) a material and geometric non-linearity, a composite model for the wall artery ...


Benyebka Bou-Said is Professor at INSA de Lyon and researcher at LaMCoS in a variety of subjects concerned with both fundamental and applied tribology, including hydrodynamics, fluid-structure interaction, rheology,tribochemistry and biomechanics (joint and vascular diseases). Pr. Bou-Said's background in tribology encompasses bearings, dampers, magnetic devices, including both fluid film and fluid-structure coupling and biotribology. Pr. Bou-Saïd is the head of a research group involved in Tribology and Biomechanics. He is the supervisor of more than 40 PhD thesis and 70 Research Master.

Pr Bou-Saïd is Fellow ASME and STLE , guest editor for the Journal of Engineering Tribology (JET) and Tribology International and associate editor for Tribology Transactions and JET. He is chairman of the annual Leeds-Lyon International Tribology Conference.

Pr. Bou-Saïd is listed Who’s Who in the World and has authored more than 100 papers. He has received the Tribology Gold Medal at the Japanese Tribology Conference Nagasaki October 2000 for his prospective work in the field of biotribology.