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英文题目:An Exploration into Differences in Language Teaching between

China and the UK

报告人:Dr Zhiyan Guo, Associate Professor,University of Warwick

主持人:张奕 教授,副院长



承办学院:外国语学院 比较语言学团队

报告简介:This lecture will explore the differences between China and the UK in language teaching, based on personal experiences of Dr Zhiyan Guo in over twenty years of her teaching of English and Chinese in China and the UK. She would like to share her practice in how languages are taught and what teaching methods are mainly adopted, including how learning and knowledge are perceived and how to feedback students’ error and mistakes, and how to assess language learning in various ways. She will also introduce her most recent research project on how communicative language teaching approach has been incorporated in teaching Chinese as a foreign language in British universities.

报告人简介:Dr Zhiyan Guo, Associate Professor, School of Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Warwick, a Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy in the UK, and Chair of British Chinese Language Teaching Society (BCLTS). She is the author of the book ‘Young Children as Intercultural Mediator: Mandarin-speaking Chinese Families in Britain’ published in 2014 by Multilingual Matters in the UK and circulated around the world. She co-edited the four volumes of Applied Chinese Studies (VI-IX) published by Sinolingua London from 2015-2018. Her research interests include Second Language Acquisition, Teaching Methodology and Assessment, Intercultural Communication, Teaching Technology and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. After completing her PhD with the full support of Oversea Research Funds in the UK, she managed successfully four national and university – wide research projects and published over thirty articles in these areas.