【学术报告】研究生灵犀学术殿堂第211期之Harald Fuchs报告会的通知
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我校定于2017年9月9日举办研究生灵犀学术殿堂——Harald Fuchs报告会,现将有关事项通知如下:


报告人:Harald Fuchs 教授、院士

时 间:2017年9月9日(星期六) 上午9:30

地 点:长安校区数字化大楼二楼会议室

主 题: Bottom-up strategies for multilevel organic systems

- From molecules to devices -

内容简介:Directed self-assembly on surfaces opened a vast variety of opportunities to control the functional properties of self-assembled molecular systems based on the spatial confinement of (nano-structured) surfaces and their catalytic properties. Thus, the bottom up strategy allows, in principle, to direct the formation of unique polymeric networks, local biomimetic interfaces and complex multilevel structures, such as organic sensors and transistors with unprecedented precision, while the conventional wet chemical treatment for their development leading to swelling effects is avoided. This basic nanotechnology strategy using direct non-energetic material deposition at predefined positions with atomic precision thus allows the generation of complex and functional 3D molecular hetero-structures with molecularly sharp interfacial boundaries.

We will discuss the following selected examples with three different levels of complexity:

- Selective surface chemistry for generating specific products as depending on the surface material and its crystallographic orientation [1] and 2D organic network formation [2]

- Formation of biomimetic surfaces for sensing [3] and capture of rare cells for medical diagnostics [4]

- High performance OFETs and integrated molecular electronics [5]

[1] H. J. Gao et al., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 55 (2016) 9777-9782

[2] H.Y. Gao et al., JACS, 136 (2014) 9658‒9663

[3] S. Lenhert et al., Nature Nanotechnol., 5 (2010) 275

[4] F. Brinkmann et al., Scientific Reports | 5:15342 | (2015) DOI: 10.1038/srep15342

[5] D. Ji et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc. 139 (7) (2017) 2734–2740


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Harald Fuchs教授现任德国明斯特大学物理研究所所长、德国科学院院士、德国工程院院士、欧洲科学院院士及发展中国家科学院院士。他于1985在IBM研究实验室从事博士后的研究工作,1985年至1993年担任德国BASF公司项目主管,1993年至今在德国明斯特大学从事研究工作。Harald Fuchs教授是明斯特大学纳米技术研究中心的创始人,曾任纳米技术研究中心科学主任。Harald Fuchs教授长期从事表面化学反应及纳米生物领域的研究工作并作出了重要贡献。迄今已在Nature、 Science、Nature Nanotech.、Nature Mat.、JACS、Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.、Adv. Mater.等重要期刊发表论文500余篇,拥有33个专利申请。